Just in Time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Does the thought of Christmas make your head spin with the seemingly endless lists of people, events and gifts? Or do you jump for joy and anxiously countdown the days until Santa arrives? Our family LOVES Christmas and all of the activities that go along with it. But we have six family birthdays in December and, of course, the big day that every child waits for—Christmas. This can mean an overload of events and gifts. But here are a few tips to make this Christmas season smooth sailing and a list of my favorite gifts for kids.

Christmas Deals – Shop Early and Save

Christmas is in five weeks so it is best to stock up and save now. Most people buy gifts online so waiting too long might mean that the perfect gift you had in mind may go out of stock or delivery could get delayed. You will also not want to miss out on deals during Black Friday (November 23) and Cyber Monday (November 26).

Make Christmas Shopping Simple

One way to minimize the amount of gifts is to introduce a simple system: one want, one need, one wear and one read. For teens or children with a particular hobby, grandparents can give money or gift cards toward lessons or items needed for their hobby. My middle daughter has a love for gymnastics so for Christmas I put an extra sparkly bodysuit on her list. And don’t forget Amazon gift cards are also a great gift; you can pretty much purchase anything from Amazon!.

But now for the fun part… my list for the best Christmas gifts for kids!

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2018

1. New Baby? Try Basic Baby Co.

Is someone in the family or at work expecting a new baby? There is a great Vancouver based company called Basic Baby Co. that have premade gift sets or you can pick and choose your own items! These gift sets can be delivered right to the special momma.

Use the code “thishealthymom” at checkout and receive 10% off your first order.

Shop at Basic Baby Co.

2.Grimm’s Rainbow Wooden Toys

Help kids develop their problem solving and fine motor skills with wooden toys. Wood toys are eco-friendly, durable and a healthy alternative to plastic toys for your little ones. A big plus is not having to deal with batteries on Christmas morning! Grimm’s rainbow emphasizes open-ended play. Your little ones are not confined to what they can learn, create and play with this rainbow and many of their other very popular wooden toys.


3. Hape Beech Wood Stacking Blocks and Doll House

Hape has a number of award-winning toys to choose from. We love these block as the possibilities to create and build are endless. The dollhouse is the perfect size and if your little one likes to play house this is the one to get. House of entertainment and learning through play happens with Hape Toys.



4. Magformers

My girls received Magformers® magnetic tiles last year for Christmas. Since changing around the toys in our house we have gone back to playing with these almost daily. I was shocked to see my 16-month old is in love with them. She loves how they all stay attached when she lifts them up. Making 3D shapes is a breeze.


5. Rainbow Night Lights

Do you have kids who are obsessed with rainbows and unicorns? This night light is for you. It shines a magical rainbow across the room. Older kids like it because it is not a tradition night light and they feel more grown up not needed the more traditional toddler night light.


6. Crazy Forts

Is your house a constant blanket fort construction zone? Mine is. Kitchen chairs are always in the living room and any blanket in sight is hung over and placed with precision. I actually have no issue with good old blanket forts, but our house is small and, sadly, I need my chairs (lol). So this is on my kids list for Christmas and I cannot wait to see what they end up building with it.


7. Subscription Boxes

Kiwico Activity Crates

If you have a child that loves STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the Kiwico Activity Crate will not disappoint. KiwiCo activity crates are a subscription box that is delivered monthly right to your door. Kids get a new, age-appropriate activity each month to create. I really like how older kids can play on their own it can be a family activity to set time aside time to be together with no technology or distractions.


Pip & Vix Art Kits for Kids

Do you have a budding Vincent Van Gogh on your hands? Or a master crafter? Check out Pip & Vix Art Kits for kids or read my review. Choose the age group, the craft box, how often you want it delivered and then let the fun begin. My daughters loved the texture art box, they painted used different mediums to create new textures and proudly displayed their new art on the mantel. Keep your eye open for Pip & Vix black friday deals on the Pip & Vix website.


8. DIY Kits for Kids

Do your kids love lip balm and nail polish? Mine do! And these activities were a hit. The girls were proud of the lip balm they made (and quickly used it up) and they had to concentrate while painting each others nails. They proudly showed their hard work to the family.

Kiss Naturals Make-Your-Own Kits

Make-your-own kits are a blast to do with your kids. Having the kids do-it-yourself shows them the process of making lip balm. And since they don’t have to share, they can use as much as they want. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Kiss Naturals, who is in the soap-making business. His daughters kept asking him to make soap at home with them so the idea of DIY kits came to life. I am sure any kid would have fun with this kit. The lip balm is made in Canada with great quality ingredients!


Kids Suncoat Girl Nail Polish

The Suncoat nail polish is non-toxic, odourless, has no chemical fumes and is made in Canada. This nail polish is peelable so when your kids are done with one color they can just peel it off—no need for nail polish remover!


9. Coloring Books with a Twist

365 Days of Art

Coloring books are always a welcomed present. They are low mess, keep a child busy for a good amount of time, and travel well. I love when a colouring book gives your child more room to be unique and use their imagination. A book like 365 Days of Art gives you pages to colour but also create. It gives you part of the image or an idea and then your child fill in the rest. No two artists are the same and this coloring book allows kids to do just that.


Usborne Big Pads Make Your Own Comics

Another fun activity to keep your kids entertained and having fun is a make your own comic drawing book. Lots of kids and teens love to draw, create and tell stories but they don’t know where to start. This gives kids a direction to put their creativity to work.


10. Kindle

Have an avid reader who sits in bed reading long past bedtime? Or they go through books like no tomorrow? I always recommend getting books for infants and children of all ages. We love heading to Chapters for weekend outings. But for the older kids who read alot, a Kindle and Kindle accessories are a great gift.

The Kindle can be your child’s larger gift at Christmas and they can use it for years to come. One of my nephews loves to read and the book series he is in love with adds up to a very costly endeavour. Not all books are available at the library and some books you read over and over. For older kids and teens, a Kindle is the perfect gift. Even better, it takes up little room. Grandparents like this gift because they can easily purchase the kindle books to go with it or a fun case to keep it safe.


11. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Do you have a budding photographer in the house? Instant photos are back and better than ever! Kids love taking photos and it’s even better when they get to see the photo right away. I know this will be on my oldest child’s Christmas list. There are lots of accessories as well if you need stocking stuffer ideas or ideas for grandparents. Check out Instax polaroid cameras and accessories.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Case and Accessories


Black Friday and Cyber Monday This Weekend

Don’t forget, Black Friday is on November 23rd and Cyber Monday is on November 26th.

Bookmark this page and check back on these Christmas gift ideas because you may be able to get a deal. But don’t wait too long, stock may be limited and the Christmas season can mean longer delivery times. Happy shopping!