I launched my company KidStar Nutrients one short month before COVID closed borders, schools, stores and many businesses. At the time no one knew how long or how far spread it would be, and no one could predict anything about the virus and what lay ahead.

Yet, we persevered. We pivoted several times throughout 2020. We made it through the first year, then second and third year of business, all while navigating the ongoing pandemic, increases in shipping and cost of goods, and then a recession and high interest rates. By this point, we knew we could make it through anything.

Even an appearance on the iconic CBC Dragons’ Den!

Realizing a Lifelong Dream

I have been watching Dragons’ Den since I was a teenager and had dreamed of auditioning for the show. Last spring, when I found out they had an open call in Vancouver, I seized the opportunity. I packed up my demo items and table and waited for my turn.

sign for KidStar Nutrients audition for Dragons' Den

Audition day was a whirlwind of anticipation. All the entrepreneurs were lined up and prepping for their turns. When my number was called, I stepped into the audition room, ready to showcase KidStar and what we had to offer.

Any time you are pitching your company it is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You want them to love your products as much as you do. As you anxiously await their questions and comments, all you can do is be calm and know you gave it your best shot.

Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe from KidStar Nutrients

When I was done, they said, “This is a, ‘we’ll call you, don’t call us’ situation.” Then, it was a waiting game.

What an experience, and one I will not forget!

The Awaited Call

A month later I got the CALL!! After that, it was a quick turnaround getting ready for the real deal.

I spent the next several weeks preparing, reviewing, practicing, and fine-tuning every aspect of my presentation.

When my scheduled day came, I arrived in Toronto ready to go. Arriving at CBC headquarters promptly at 7am, I was ushered into my green room, where I waited for my turn.

Caitlyn at the airport ready to fly to Toronto


Did KidStar Nutrients Get a Deal?

Caitlyn on CBC Dragons' Den!

As the second entrepreneur to step into the Den for the day, I walked into the room prepared to face all five Dragons. …Curious to see how I did?  Watch my full pitch here:

Watch Now

Follow Our Journey…

Follow along with me on the KidStar journey, to see what we have been up to since our appearance on Dragons’ Den. We remain committed to providing exceptional products for children’s health, and I’m excited to share our progress with you!