I know, I know, we are all skeptical of natural deodorants. We all want to kick our endocrine disruptors and nasty chemicals, but we also don’t want to be smelling ourselves by lunch time! Since my early 20s, I have been using natural deodorants, with some brands working great for a week and then suddenly NOT. I always had my ‘backup’ generic aluminum, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, petroleum, parabens and phthalates deodorant ready to take over if needed.

Once I had my daughters and the frequency of my showering dramatically reduced—dry shampoo for the win—I knew I needed to find something that worked! It has been a VERY long journey and I have used some great products, some that have amazing ingredients but don’t work, and some that were just a waste of money. But now I have a few brands that have become a staple in my grocery order.

Let’s get started!

Weleda Spray

I use a number of Weleda products and love this brand. My all time favourite product is the Skin Food original ultra-rich cream, I keep one in my desk at all times. I really enjoy spray deodorants because they are easy to use and easy to reapply. I found that if you have sensitive skin, this spray deodorant may irritate after a while. You may need to change up your deodorant to prevent any irritation. With repeated use, I have found that many deodorant sticks become ineffective from the sweat and bacteria transferring back and forth between the skin and stick. This is why a spray can sometimes perform better over time.

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Green Beaver

I always have great things to say about Green Beaver products. I love their sunscreens for my kids and I also use their toothpastes. I was very excited to try their deodorant. For the first couple of days I LOVED this product, it went on smooth and felt great with zero irritation. But after about two weeks, I noticed that I was having to reapply midday, and it didn’t seem as effective.

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This is a great brand from the marketing, unique delivery systems, ingredients and eco-friendly packaging—it checks all of the boxes. Routine deodorants come in a glass container and you apply with your fingers or any applicator you have at home. I have a friend who uses a men’s shaving brush to apply leaving her hands clean. They recently came out with a stick version and it was easy to use and worked wonderful. My husband also loves Routine deodorant because it works! If you have sensitive skin use the baking soda free products to prevent any irritation.

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Dr. Mist

This deodorant is easy to use and has great ingredients. I leave one at work for those just-in-case times. I have noticed it does not work the best over time and, depending on your activity level, you have to reapply throughout the day to stay fresh. I would say that it is awesome for room odours! I use Dr. Mist spray in smelly shoes or gym bags and it works great!

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Sugar and Spice

This company is local from Maple Ridge, BC, and I really liked their product. It’s gentle on my skin, I loved the ingredients and the fragrance. I did find that I didn’t stay fresh as long as a few of the other brands, but overall I was happy with this product and I purchased more. I found that if I wiped the top of the deodorant after each use it worked better and for longer.

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Last summer, a friend told me about Schmidt’s and how it is the only product that worked for her. I had to give it a try and she was right! Now I noticed this product isn’t as smooth when it goes on, it is almost rough or gritty. I have sensitive skin and it has never irritated my under arms. But because it works and I don’t have to reapply midday this has now become my favourite deodorant.

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Don’t Give Up on Natural Deodorant!

Everyone’s needs for a deodorant are different – so don’t give up on trying a natural deodorant. It is better for your health and that is ultimately what is important.

I have heard great things from Rocky Mountain deodorant, which I haven’t tried yet but is on my list. Let me know your favourite brands are and I will add them to my list.