Gummy vitamins came into the market because of a need–a supplement fatigue also known as pill fatigue. Customers wanted more options and the gummy trend started popping up everywhere. Now, finding a company that doesn’t sell a gummy is difficult.

Problems with Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins may help fight pill fatigue, but they raise some questions in my mind:

  1. Are gummy vitamins too much like candy? Gummy vitamins look like candy and taste like candy, which can be confusing to small kids, and gets kids used to candy and candy-like products at a young age.
  2. Are gummy vitamins bad for teeth? Some gummy vitamins are coated in sugar, which is not great for teeth. Even gummy vitamins not coated in sugar are very sticky, and can get stuck in your kids’ teeth, which can lead to dental cavities.
  3. How many gummy vitamins do I have to take? Gummy vitamins often require serving sizes of 4-6 gummies per day. As a mom of three, it’s simply not economical: I would be purchasing cases of supplements weekly!


In particular, finding new ways to get omega-3 products into our kids can be a big challenge. No one likes a fishy tasting omega-3 and taking liquid supplements can be an even bigger challenge.

Top 3 Tips for Purchasing Vitamins and Supplements

Follow these tips when purchasing nutritional supplements for your family:

  1. Read the entire label and ensure the product is made for your child’s age. Front labels can sometimes be misleading and reading the entire package and even Googling words you don’t recognize is a great place to start.
  2. Do not purchase products containing sugar, artificial colours, flavours, or harmful preservatives. We do not need chemical rainbows in our kids products, nature has great solutions for that!
  3. Make sure you have adequate dosage and ingredients in the products you choose. For example, 250 mg of DHA in your omega products, and a long list of medicinal ingredients in your multivitamin with minerals.

New Supplement Forms for the Win

I was given samples of Concordix at the last tradeshow I attended. Concordix has developed a smart chew which is the result of 10 years of innovation! Their goal was to reinvent the supplement category and I think they have definitely brought a unique and great tasting product to the market. The smart chew is a great alternative to gummy vitamins: it contains a full dose of omegas in one chew and does not get stuck in your teeth. It is very easy to chew and best of all, it tastes great with no sugar added.

Some brands in North America have started using this technology and getting this great product to market. I am excited to see what other companies make new products with it.

Give some of these brands a try. If you are struggling to get omega-3’s into your kids, the Concordix Smart Chew might be the winning ticket!