The holidays are always a busy time. Even when we try to slow down it speeds up! Some years the holiday season just flies by and we wish we could put it on pause and enjoy our time with family and loved ones. One thing many people fall back on to help ease the holiday stress is purchasing presents online. And while I do agree it saves some time, it does not mean you have to purchase online from a big-box store.

This year support a local store. Being inside a store lets you see what else is available that you may not even have known the store had, and provides you with an opportunity to look, touch and feel the merchandise.

Living in Vancouver, we have some pretty great local toy stores. This year I headed to a local toy store on Commercial Drive called Dilly Dally. I did some Christmas shopping of my own and created a top 10 gift guide. You can purchase all the items from Dilly Dally in store and online.

Grimm’s Wooden Toys

You may have heard about Grimm’s iconic rainbow but this company has other equally amazing toys. The wood from Grimm’s toys comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests in Europe. The toys are very durable and can be repaired if broken. These toys are meant to be passed down and used in endless open-ended play.


A charming brand of Danish-designed toys with a great eye for detail, Maileg is a merge of modern Scandinavian design with storybook whimsy. This is a must-have toy for any child who loves to play pretend. I purchased a few items for my youngest daughter and cannot wait for her to open them.


Arts, Crafts and Science

I can tell you there is no shortage of crafts and activities for the entire family at Dilly Dally. They have gifts for the budding geologist, botanist and of course the STEM-loving child.

Dress Up

I love purchasing dress up presents. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with another crown or cape added to the collection.

Building Blocks of Every Size

I believe blocks should be in every family’s toy chest. Blocks can be used in every type of play scenario, from making a house for your dolls to building a bridge for your cars. Building blocks encourage eye-hand coordination and they help with early math and engineering skills, spatial awareness and of course gravity! Who doesn’t like knocking over an extremely tall tower your sister made.


Books, Books and More Books

Reading to your kids from a young age is a wonderful bonding experience for both parent and child. Books are always a welcomed gift. I still remember my favourite books from when I was a little girl and I hope my daughters remember theirs. Dilly Dally Kids has two walls full of awesome books so take some time and look through them.

Stocking Stuffers

This is my favourite part of Christmas; the thoughtful small items that end up in the stocking. There were so many to choose from at Dilly Dally and I know they have something for every child’s hobby or interest! From hair accessories, jewellery, mini robots, extreme parachuters and every animal or fairy character imaginable, you can create a memorable stocking or small gift for any child (or grown-up).

Wobble Board

This is on the pricier end for a Christmas gift but worth every penny. If you are getting a family a group gift, this is the one to get. Wobble boards are open-ended toys and can be used for balance, as a seesaw, a bridge or part of a chain reaction domino sequence. You name it, you can create it and incorporate your wobble board. The boards are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. The beech wood comes from European FSC-certified plantations where replantation is guaranteed.

Push and Pull Toys

Do you have a wobbly walker at home? I know when my girls started furniture walking and then running, they were always dragging something behind them or pushing a load of toys around the house. You can never go wrong with any type of stroller you can load up with your favourite toys. I like the Brio Toddler Wobbler. It is sturdy and well made just in case your toddler ends up pushing their sister around the house in it (which is not recommended lol).

Last But Not Least – A Simple Card to Say Happy Holidays

There is an entire wall of cards at Dilly Dally and you can spend a good amount of your store visit just looking through them all. And what to put inside the card to make it extra special? What about a gift card or an experience voucher for an afternoon baking with Grandma or a family bike ride around Stanley Park!

Head to your local toy store and let me know what great gifts you found and what you think I should add to this year’s gift guide.

Grimm’s Wooden Toys | 2. Maileg | 3. Arts & Crafts and Science | 4. Dress Up | 5. Building Blocks | 6. Children’s Books | 7. Stocking Stuffers | 8. Wobbel Board | 9. Push & Pull Toys | 10. Gift Card

1161 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3X3

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