With just under two weeks until Mother’s Day, I came up with my top ten gift ideas for the moms in your life. Obviously we know a handmade card from our kids is all it takes to put a smile on our faces, but sometimes it is nice to be given a little something extra. My mother is one of my best friends and I hope my daughters look to me for advice as I do for her. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms and moms-to-be out there.

Enter to win a $85 Gift of a few of my favourite items perfect for mom. See details below on how to enter. A winner will be announced on May 9th just in time for Mother’s Day.



Who doesn’t like getting a bouquet of flowers? Or even better a potted plant or hanging basket. If you have an abundance of wild flowers near you or in your garden the kids can go out and pick a bouquet. Or let them go with you on a trip to the garden shop to pick out their favourite plants. Giving a living plant is great for the environment and depending what plants are picked you might get more butterflies and honey bees. I usually give hanging baskets for my mother and mother in laws. They normally last all summer and the kids like to point out that they helped pick it out every visit.



Our skin is our body’s first defense, we need to treat it with care and make sure we are using all-natural soap. Thankfully there are some great brands on the shelves these days with an endless number of scents. I really like Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Crate 61, Dr. Bronner’s and too many more to list.


Skin Care

I have said it before and I will continue to share that I love Weleda products. They have great hand creams, body washes, baby products and nail care. I particularly like the Nail Care Pen and hand creams. Moms are normally rushing about getting everyone else ready and fed. It is nice to take a moment for your self even it is just a quick second to moisturize your hands and make your nail looks great.



Is It summer yet? Our feet are going to be venturing out of our rain boots and into sandals very soon. Let’s get those toes ready with natural nail polish. The entire line from Pacifica is wonderful and in particular the nail polish. The have a large colour selection and because it is natural you can feel good about changing your nail polish on a regular basis.



Who can say no to chocolates on Mother’s Day. This is a no-brainer and every mom would be over the moon. To change it up a bit you can try some of these brands. They taste great and the ingredient list is something to smile at. Green & Blacks, Camino, and Alter Eco.


Urban Spa

Of course, a day at the spa would be the ultimate gift, but these items from Urban Spa can help hold you over until that day comes. They have a great pedicure set and the sleeping mask helps you get a few extra zzz in at night.


Swell Water Bottle

This gift is for every mom out there. Parents are always on the go and having a great water bottle is a must to stay hydrated.  The swell water bottle can keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12!


Arts and crafts

The sweetest and most thoughtful gift possible is arts and crafts from your kids. As moms we know how difficult it can be to have our children help create the Pinterest craft you found this week, painting their feet to make butterfly art is not as easy as it looks. Home art projects normally result in paint on everything – but we love it! Pinterest aside, hands down my favourite craft is the stepping stones. You can do a variety of designs with your child and then place it in your garden or patio as a keep sake.



I never spent as much time in my pajamas as I did the first year I became a mom. Having a great pair of pajamas can go a long way to make a mom feel better and more ‘normal’ especially when you end up wearing them for longer than intended. I wear nursing pajamas which helps with the all-night feedings.



If you want to get your mother or wife something extra special this year, Maya Brenner has some awesome pieces of jewellery. I have the classic MOM necklace but she has a great bracelet/necklace that you can customize and put your children’s initials in. The best part is if you have more kids you send it back and they can add them in!


How to enter the giveaway and the Rules to follow:

Like, comment and share the post on facebook and cross your fingers. You must be 18 years or older to participate. You do NOT need to be a mom everyone is welcome to enter. Open to residents of Canada excluding Quebec. The gift will be shipped out on May 10th, 2018.