BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital

I was 27 weeks pregnant to the day when in the middle of the night I woke up feeling something wet. I sat up, looked and it was bright red. Panic came over me. I woke up my husband and called our midwife who instructed us to meet her at the hospital. My mother-in-law got to our house in less than 15 minutes, which felt like an eternity, to watch our daughter.

Just six weeks earlier I was diagnosed with placenta previa, a complication where the placenta covers the cervix. I was put on pelvic rest and told not to travel more than two hours away from a major hospital. I had hoped this was simply just a precaution and tried my best not to worry.

At the hospital the doctors were not certain where the blood was coming from but ensured me the baby was fine and, if anything, it was my own health that we had to worry about. After three ultrasounds, a shot of steroids to ripen the baby’s lungs, a week in a hospital bed away from my family, two nights of early labour contractions, and one NICU walk through to prepare me for what might happen, they sent me home to remain on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy.

The entire time I was in the hospital, all I could think about was how lucky I am to live in Vancouver near a state-of-the art hospital with family nearby and that my husband was able to bring my daughter to visit me. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go through this difficult time while worrying about my family having to also deal with finding accommodation, or worse, them being unable to be there due to finances and distance. Now we have a way to give back with the home for dinner fundraising program.


Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon

Thankfully, the Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon is a 73-bedroom, 74,000-square foot property on the grounds of BC Children’s Hospital that provides accommodation, compassion and a sense of community for 2,000 families each year who must travel to Vancouver for their children’s medical treatments. The house offers spacious suites and services for kids of all ages that include a fitness area, arts and crafts studio, LEGO lounge, magic room and several indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.


Although a portion of the annual funding comes from accommodation revenue and a valuable partnership with McDonald’s, a large portion of funds come from the generosity of the community. It is easy to support the Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon by donating funds. But an even better idea is to register and participate in their second year of the Home for Dinner Program.

See below for all the details and upload your pictures to social media and tag @rmhbc on Facebook and Instagram let’s make this years fundraiser a huge success.

Home for Dinner Program

Celebrate the tradition of sharing a meal with those you love and help us launch our newest third party fundraiser benefiting the families of RMHBC. The Home for Dinner program invites members of the community to host a dining event in support of the House. Whether you decide to host an intimate gathering or a big get-together, eat in or dine out—the possibilities are endless! Instead of bringing a bottle of wine or paying for their own tab, your guests can contribute something even more meaningful: a donation that will ensure that families can continue to share everyday moments like eating a home-cooked meal together when it really matters most. Follow the 4 easy steps below to get involved!

Step 1: SIGN UP Visit www.rmhbc.ca/home-for-dinner to set up a personalized fundraising page. Need assistance? Get help by contacting homefordinner@rmhbc.ca.

Step 2: GET PLANNING Plan a home-cooked meal or a dine-out event at your favourite restaurant. Invite your friends & family to participate. You can access various resources to help make your event a success like How-to Host an Event Customizable Invitations, Mission Cards, Customizable Menu Cards, Donation Forms, RMHBC Fact Sheet & Speaking Notes, FAQ, Tax Receipt Requests for Host Expenses, RMHBC Materials (napkins, impact statements, logos…). Visit here for more information.

Step 3: HOST YOUR DELICIOUS EVENT Host your dining event and collect donations. Be sure to save original receipts to be submitted for a Tax Receipt!

Step 4: MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The funds raised will ensure a family can continue to share meals and moments together at RMHBC while their child receives life-saving medical treatment.