I’m thankful for holiday crafts, such as these crystal ornaments.

With the holiday season seeming to just fly right by and my to-do list not getting any smaller, crafts get pushed off the list to help with keeping sane. This is why I am very thankful for my Mother-in-law. Not only does she watch my girls every Wednesday and helps me whenever I am in a bind, but she always has some activity planned to try with her grand daughters. She picks the best crafts and experiments to get their minds working.

At Christmas, she always makes sure I get a perfectly crafted master piece from my girls; and each Christmas I eagerly wait for that gift. These handmade masterpieces are my favourite gifts each year as I know how much work and thought goes into them. Last year everyone in the family got a beautiful Christmas snowflake ornament made with love. The best part is every year the girls tell me about how they made my gift and everything that went into it. This year when we opened the ornament box the girls were so excited to see the snowflakes and quickly put them on the tree with pride.

Give this craft a try! Hang them in your window or on your tree.