Food, defined by the oxford dictionary, “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.” Food is fuel for our bodies and the types of food we consume have our bodies and mind jumping for joy or drag us down and have us feeling like slugs.

Everyone is busy these days, sitting down and eating a healthy meal can be on the bottom of the to do list. But we need to change that. I was given the opportunity to try Fresh 2 You Vancouver and here is what I thought.

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Why You Need a Meal Service like Fresh 2 You

The industry of meal prep and food delivery services has exploded and the steady stream of coupons in our email inboxes is proof. But these meal services have one thing that busy people still have to find time for—cooking! Fresh 2 You is pre-made meals from an always changing menu, designed by a Chef and Nutritionists. I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived in a reusable cooler bag and—wait for it—Silicone containers! Fresh 2 You gives you the option of recyclable plastic containers or, with a deposit, silicone containers.

The food was fresh and looked delicious. I left some items at work and took some home for the family to try. As I put the food away I instantly felt relief that I didn’t have to think about what I was going to make for dinner and lunch at work that week.

But How Good is the Food?

The most important feature from Fresh 2 You is the TASTE! I loved the food and so did our office and my husband. You feel like you have a personal chef – because you do! I was excited to see bone broth and some amazing snacks that hit the sweet spot without sugar added! I would best describe Fresh 2 You as a Western Fusion meal service. They have everything from Green Goddess Falafels to Korean Style Chicken with Cucumber Slaw.

Who Should Use Fresh 2 You?

You may not think a meal service is for you. The first people that come to mind are gym fanatics, individuals trying to lose a significant amount of weight, or for those on a specialized diet, but there are so many reasons meal services can help you and your family.

Top 5 Reasons to Try a Meal Service

  1. New baby in the family? It can be very hard to stay on top of feeding yourself and the family, especially when you have this tiny baby attached to your body and you don’t want to put them down for long. This was me! It would have been amazing if all I had to do was heat up delicious pre-made meals three times a day.
  2. Working to improve your diet? Fresh 2 You’s in-house Nutritionist ensures that you get the most nutritious meals. Eating healthy becomes a no-brainer and you will start to naturally eliminate the unhealthy meals.
  3. Prevents overeating. The meals are based on individual serving sizes. When you are done there is no more to eat, making it easier to not overeat.
  4. Are you allergic to what seems like everything? Or do you have very specific dietary needs? Fresh 2 You can accommodate you! Unlike many food meal and prep services, Fresh 2 You can adjust meals to YOUR needs.
  5. Less eating out and fast food. Do you constantly find yourself grabbing whatever food is available at the coffee shop or grabbing fast food? If you are part of a meal service all you have to do is remember to take it with you or leave it at work! If you work long hours or very early in the morning – it can be very hard to prep the night or morning of.


“If you have Healthy Food in your house, you will eat Healthy Food”



  • Silicone reusable containers (BPA free, microwave safe)
  • Organic and local ingredients
  • Allergies? No problem, they can customize your meal (please note it is not an allergen free kitchen)
  • Calories and ingredients are listed and clear so you know what you are eating
  • In-house Chef and Nutritionists
  • Menu is updated frequently
  • Not just dinners – they have breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks


  • On the pricey side for a family – but not compared to eating take out.
  • Still have to plan ahead
  • Only 2 delivery days each week
  • So far they only deliver to the lower mainland (GVRD) and a few other select areas like the Harbor Air terminal in Victoria and Nanaimo. If you want delivery in your area send them an email to see how they can accommodate.

Turn off your computer, put your phone away, take a seat with family or friends, chew your meal and take a break. Fresh 2 You helps take the stress away from preparing meals. Simply reheat the meal in the convenient silicone container and take time to eat your food.

Use discount code THISHEALTHYMOM25 for 25% off your first order. Let me know what you think of the meals!