Inspiration from Sleep Deprivation

Every parent can relate to the struggles of putting their child to sleep. After giving birth to my third daughter, bedtime was more than a handful, especially when one child just could not and would not fall asleep. The countless nights of staying up with my middle child (and a newborn) inspired me to write my first children’s book.

My three daughters and I love to read stories at bedtime. We have our favorite children’s stories, but we also like to create our own stories or makeup new endings. We usually read two or three stories each night. But Emma would rarely fall asleep like her sisters. I would spend hours with her at night coming up with endless new ideas and stories, hoping she would drift off to sleep.

This was the beginning of Emma’s Sleep Adventure. I jotted down Emma’s Sleep Adventure in my phone one night, a story about how Emma enlists the help of her favourite stuffed animal friends in her quest to fall asleep.  I knew I had to turn it into a real book for the girls to enjoy.

But who would illustrate it?

Finding an Illustrator

I have always been a big fan of Deborah Maze’s work. She illustrated countless children’s books including the picture book edition of The Chronicles of Narnia. A friend of the family reached out to Deborah and I was thrilled when she agreed to work with me. It was an amazing experience working with Deborah. I was wowed by her creativity and artistic talent. She went above and beyond to bring my ideas to life and help create the world of Emma’s Sleep Adventure.



From Dream to Reality

Putting my first book together was an exciting and challenging project. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was when my book arrived and I held it in my hands for the first time. And I can’t wait for you to read Emma’s Sleep Adventure with your kids at bedtime.

Follow Emma on her adventure with her animal friends as she discovers how to fall asleep.



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