When my daughters were thinking of having babies I was shocked to find out that physicians were still recommending the top selling prenatal supplement of my day. I remember taking it and developing such terrible nausea and constipation that after a week I had to stop. Sadly, it is still the most recommended, top selling, worst prenatal today. My youngest daughter Caitlyn decided we had to formulate the best preconception, prenatal and breastfeeding formula for women.

Best Nutrients

We are proud of SMARTprenatal a complete multivitamin and mineral formula. It contains the active coenzyme forms of B vitamins to ensure that even if your digestion is poor you will get the value of the vitamins.

Non-Constipating Iron

We used our IRONsmart liposomal iron in the formula to increase hemoglobin and ferritin to optimal levels. Iron is essential for development and the delivery of oxygen to the baby and prevents anemia in the mom. But best of all this iron does not cause constipation or stomach upset.

Start Your Prenatal Early

Folic acid is present to prevent neural-tube defects. These defects like spina bifida occur around the fourth to sixth week of pregnancy so start your prenatal early. If possible start SMARTprenatal about three months before you begin trying to get pregnant. Eggs start maturing about three months before they are secreted so to ensure optimal egg quality start taking SMARTprenatal early.

SMARTprenatal will not cause nausea because it contains 350mg of ginger per serving. SMARTprenatal is pure and we did not need any fillers or flowing agents in the manufacture. And you only have to take 2 capsules per day which are small for easy swallowing. Most pregnant women struggle taking their prenatal due to nausea, the high number of large tablets and constipation. SMARTprenatal ends those challenges. For optimal baby development and to ensure mom is covered nutritionally take your prenatal everyday and don’t stop while breastfeeding.